#1 – Ten words start with ‘a’

Have you ever learned Japanese?

For me, it’sΒ  a most interesting but hardest thing to learn. I like Japan a lot. I like their song, their food, manga and anime. I also very appreciate the people and life style. And I hope that I could get a scholarship to come to Japan.

A year ago, I started to learn Japanese in at a language center. But after 9 months, I have to drop because the lack of students for new class. Now, I want to review again to get a N5 and keep learning πŸ˜€

I guess many of you know that in Japanese isn’t written in ABC. It include 3 systems : Hiragana and Katakana, which called Kana, and Kanji –Β  Chinese character. Not easy to learn by heart all of them.

Now, let start with 10 new words for today πŸ˜€

δΌšγ† あう au to meet
青い Β γ‚γŠγ„ aoi blue
血い あかい akai red
Β ζ˜Žγ‚‹γ„ あかるい akarui light, bright
秋 あき aki autumn, fall
開く あく aku open
開ける あける akeru to open
あげる ageru to give
朝 あさ asa morning
ζœγ”ι£― あさごはん asagohan breakfast

p.s : I get them from this page ~

Be good!